RADIANT HAIR: For smooth and lustrous hair from the roots to the ends EXTRA SHINE Silicone-Free(Only shampoo)&Sulfate-Free(Sodium laureth sulfate, etc.)


Want shiny hair/Favor a Smooth and Moisturized Finish

Left: An example of rough hair Right: An example of hair roughness under control

Organic Argan Oil ×  Platinum Keratin


The Organic Oil penetrates deeply into the hair.Enjoy supple hair with Marula & Coconut Oil!

  • Marula oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Cupuacu Butter

<All oils are organic>


The Platinum Keratin gives a balance between inner and outer hair.

  • Give your hair radiance, with high nourishment
  • UV rays and hair dryers can be a burden on the inside, and creates dry, rough hair. The Platinum Keratin penetrates to concerned areas and revitalizes it by boosting moisture. This process supports surface reflection. It adds a radiant luster to every strand of hair.
  • When the surface or inner hair is damaged, it reduces the hair's reflection of light!

*1 Argania spinosa kernel oil (moisturizing ingredient)
*2 Hydrolyzed keratin (wool・feather)・Keratin (wool・repairing agent)
*3 Sclerocarya birrea seed oil (moisturizing ingredient)
*4 Coconut oil (moisturizing ingredient)
*5 Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter (moisturizing ingredient)
*6 Compared to Moist Diane EXTRA SHINE Treatment


  • 1.Lightly pat dry with a towel.
  • 2.Spread hair mask evenly throughout your hair, especially at the ends. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • 3.Follow up with Moist Diane EXTRA SHINE Treatment for maximum effect.

Approximately 98% were satisfied with the nice, comfortable feel!

*Evaluation obtained after participants used Moist Diane EXTRA SHINE Shampoo,
Hair Mask and Treatment for 2 weeks. Survey conducted by Mash Research Co., Ltd (n=55 people)

Features of Moist Diane Original Nano Repair Technology

1.Sensor Technology Targets Areas of Concern NANO REPAIR MATRIX

Sensor technology allowsnanocapsule to penetrate deepinto the layers of hair! Moist Diane unique NANO REPAIR MATRIX formula is a combination of nano-sized organic Argan Oil and numerous Beauty Keratin. Our Sensor Technology is designed to deliver nourishing ingredients instantly to damaged areas and restore hair structure.

Revitalizes and strengthensdamaged hair! NANO REPAIR MATRIX strengthens, repairs and restores seriously damaged hair with its exquisite blend to promote beautiful, glowing hair.

2.Make your hair stronger using a blow-dryer NANO REPAIR EL

The more you blow dry,The stronger your hair gets Moist Diane counteracts the damage caused by blow dryers. NANO REPAIR EL does not penetrate to the inner layers of hair when wet.The hair only reacts with heat from hair dryers, floating irons and and curling irons. Feel your hair instantly boost resilience, elasticityand radiance as it binds and rebuilds weakened areas.